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Chaper 5: Road from San Felipe to Gonzaga Bay

Chapter 5: San Felipe to Gonzaga Bay – See MORE Photos


From Rachel’s Journal – Day 1 Arches: We left the arches in San Felipe and our packs where heavy. We both felt that this was going to be tuff with the weight we had to carry.We got to to the Gloriette (traffic circle), our friends Christine and Raine have been watching us and could see our struggle. As we rounded the corner heading south we past a Segunda and Christine is sitting in a plastic red Radio Flyer wagon (middle photo below).
Christine says, “Do you want this?”“YES!” We both said in stereo

Happy to have “The Wagon” – We then placed our packs in the wagon with 2 more gallons of water and continued on our way. It was HOT, 112 degrees hot and the road was hot for our feet so we know Cia was feeling it. At about 7:00pm we started to look for camp…found a spot on the beach, John when down with his pack and Cia to scout the campsite.
Meeting Sal & Maria – John hallered letting me know this is the spot. I crossed the road to pulling the wagon when I heard someone ask “Are you the Walkers?” I turned and saw a truck with two people waving at me.
I replyed “Yes – my husband is down setting up camp and I was just about to follow him to help.”
I chatted with the couple for a bit and John came up looking for me. They introduced themselves as Sal and Maria. They said they would be watching us on the SPOT (our GPS tracker) and come out tomorrow to make sure we are okay. We said our good byes. John & I made our way down the sand dune to set up camp. We had dinner and enjoyed the lights of San Felipe Malecon. Note: John was bothered by the fact that we walked about 4 hours and still could see San Felipe. 
Day 2: Getting the Mad Max & Meeting David - We enjoyed a breakfast of powered eggs and tortillas, then packed camp and headed south. We had talked to Christine and Raine on the phone and planned to meet them later in the day, but it was still morning so we need to walk, walk, walk, walk. Cia takes truns walking and riding in the wagon. The sun was gettin higher and getting hotter each minute; by 11:00 am we where looking for a resting spot. “John I think I lost  the pedometer.” I told him. Not very happy he desided to walk back to see if he could find it. I watched him walk away and just as I lost sight of him over the small hill, I see a cyclist come over and I hear a ringing bike bell “BRING – BRING – BRING”. The cyclist stops and ask what I am doing; I explain to him about the Baja Walk and our jurnony. I ask him “Where are you going?” he replies “Uruguay and I just finished 1000 miles. I did not think I would have anyone to celebrate with but here your are”

“WOW – shut up!” I yelled as I took his photo with his camera. Just then I see Christine and Raine’s truck come over the hill and John is with them. They brought us lunch burritos and beer! They pulled over and and Christine tells us the story about asking the Segunda owner to trade the wagon in for somthing better. Christine and Raine both thought that the plastic wagon would not make the trip. So the Segunda owner agree and they brough us a 2 seater baby carrage  – we name it Mad Max. We were on airport road at the Bethell 2 sign (a shut down RV Park). We invited our new friend David to celebrate with us and enjoy burritos and beer. We all sweep a spot of garbage and broken glass and sit behind the Bethell 2 sign. But the day gets better; Sal & Marie show up with sandwiches and chips, then the ice cream man shows up! How cool is that? COOL! We all relax and enjoyed our feast. During the conversation Christine and David figure out that they are cousins but just never met. It is Mothers Day and he call his mom, , and explain how they meet on a 2 lane highway in Baja – small world!
Seeing Jose Castro – Salad and washing clothes at Sal & Maria’s

Cowpadys CLOSED – Still a Party!


Wind storm at a cove by the bridge

 Decided to send Cia home with friends Christine & Raine in Gonzaga Bay
Getting the NEW Cart in Gonzaga Bay.

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